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New tools to support inclusive education in Italy

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New tools to support inclusive education in Italy

New individual education plan (IEP) templates have been launched in Italy as part of a decree defining support measures for learners with special educational needs (SEN).
As part of the decree, four IEP templates have been produced, for pre-primary, primary, lower- and upper-secondary education. They outline the support measures in place for an individual learner, including the need for teaching assistants and other professional staff, personal hygiene requirements and transport services. They also clarify the best teaching strategies for the learner, and how to evaluate the learner’s development and the success of the support measures.
The templates aim to help educational professionals create learning environments that include all learners. They will be introduced gradually over the next year, and schools and teaching staff will receive training and mentoring related to the templates.
The decree and its related documents, including the IEP templates, are available on the Italian Education Ministry website (in Italian). 
En savoir plus (Agence européenne pour l’éducation adaptée et inclusive)