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INSHEA, get to know us

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Special educational needs and disability:

The INSHEA trains all parties involved in assistance and professional, social, and educational accessibility. 

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National approach

The INSHEA is the first institution in France dedicated entirely to people with disabilities and special educational needs.

Public institution of higher education, the INSHEA is active in the area of professional, social, and inclusive education.

INSHEA has a unique objective based on three fields focus: research, training, and resources.

  • Develop interdisciplinary research 

The research unit of the INSHEA analyses, on the national and international level, the policies and school practices of education and training for people with special educational needs. Its mission is to link teaching, research and production of resources to enable operators in the educational field to respond to the diversity of backgrounds and educational needs as well as to facilitate learning and social and professional integration of students.

  • Offer training to all stakeholders in the field of inclusive education

 The INSHEA offers initial and continuing education to answer the issues of accessibility and supervision.

Its campus allows the accommodation of trainees and students from all over France and abroad.

  • Develop a resource center of reference

The INSHEA aims to collect, produce and make available technical, scientific and educational resources for all the actors in the field of inclusive education, dealing with people with special educational needs.

This activity is fully in line with the approaches of the project for digital university that has been a central focus of the draft contract of the site of the university Paris Lumières.

In 2014, The INSHEA has become an associate member of the University Paris Lumières/


International approach

The areas of expertise of the INSHEA are to be viewed as part of the european and international reflection on schooling, professional training, and social integration of people with special educational needs.

The institute develops cooperation and exchange activities and deploys an assertive strategy around partnerships in Europe. Expanding the geographical scope of cooperation is currently being sought, particularly to countries in North and South America, with a view to analyzing original inclusive policies.

Finally, the INSHEA turns to the world in which inclusive directions are emerging. Its expertise on the necessary adaptations to the education of students with disabilities provides it a recognized role in advising and technical and methodological support in this area.

The INSHEA represents France at the « European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education ».